Two days after fatal crash in Annandale, two more victims succumb to injuries

Annandale, Virginia – A tragic two-vehicle crash in Annandale, Virginia resulted in seven people being rushed to the hospital early Sunday morning, with one man tragically succumbing to his injuries en route, according to Fairfax County Police.

The collision occurred at the intersection of Braddock Road and Bradfield Drive, leading to the closure of Braddock Road in both directions at King David Boulevard as detectives worked to investigate the incident. The initial investigation revealed that the driver of a 2006 Lexus RX330I attempted a left turn from Bradfield Drive onto westbound Braddock Road, crossing paths with a 2024 BMW X6 traveling eastbound on Braddock Road, resulting in the devastating crash.

Tragically, one of the Lexus passengers, 72-year-old Yun Hu of Annandale, was pronounced dead at the hospital. In the days following the crash, two more victims, identified as 63-year-old Hong Tang and 68-year-old Yan Zhou, also succumbed to their injuries. All were occupants of the Lexus at the time of the crash.

The crash left two of the passengers with life-threatening injuries, while four others were treated for non-life-threatening injuries and released shortly after. Despite the severity of the incident, speed and alcohol were ruled out as contributing factors to the collision.

Residents in the area expressed shock over the crash, citing a persistent issue of speeding along Braddock Road. Concerns were raised about the safety of the road, with one resident mentioning contemplating moving out due to the prevalence of speeding drivers.

As the community grapples with the aftermath of the tragic crash, concerns about road safety and the need for vigilance while driving have been amplified. The incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of staying cautious and adhering to traffic rules to prevent further tragedies on the road.