Traitors Star John McManus Launches Violent Attack On Restaurant Staff After Noise Complaint

EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND – Traitors star John McManus faced legal consequences for a violent episode at a restaurant in the city last year. The 51-year-old, known for his role in the TV series, pleaded guilty to two charges of assault at Edinburgh Sheriff Court on December 15. The incident occurred at a upscale seafood restaurant in May 2023, when McManus lashed out at a waiter and waitress after being asked to keep the noise down.

According to reports, the altercation began after McManus and a companion, while consuming two bottles of wine, were asked to lower their noise level by the restaurant staff during a Sunday service. CCTV footage obtained by The Sun captured McManus attacking a 62-year-old waiter outside the establishment just before 8pm on May 7.

The footage showed McManus verbally and physically assaulting the waiter and then turning his aggression towards the waitress. As a result of the incident, McManus was fined £470 and ordered to pay the waitress £600 in compensation.

Reports indicated that McManus was using foul language and making inappropriate remarks in the presence of young children, prompting the staff’s initial intervention. The waiter was said to have been on the receiving end of verbal abuse before the physical assault took place.

The aftermath of the incident left the waitress with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and she claims to have been emotionally scarred as a result of McManus’ actions. The altercation prompted her to leave the establishment.