Tragic Murder-Suicide Involving Florida Woman Shot During FaceTime Call with Friends

West Palm Beach, Florida – A tragic incident unfolded as a young woman, Kelvi McCray, lost her life in a murder-suicide perpetrated by her ex-boyfriend, Keisean Shaw, last week. McCray, 18, was fatally shot multiple times by Shaw, 19, while she was on a FaceTime call with friends in their shared residence in West Palm Beach.

The harrowing event took place on the evening of March 6th on 13th Street near Gaines Park in the Lake Mangonia neighborhood. McCray’s mother frantically called 911 upon discovering her daughter’s lifeless body, recounting the horrific scene to the authorities.

Authorities revealed that Shaw, who was known to the police and had a history of violent behavior, took his own life after fatally shooting McCray. Prior to the tragic incident, Shaw had been wanted on warrants for aggravated assault and domestic battery.

McCray and Shaw had recently ended their relationship, but Shaw continued to reside in the same house as McCray due to lack of alternative accommodation. The couple had known each other for five years and dated for over a year before their breakup.

McCray, described as a model, stylist, and influencer, had a vibrant social media presence, particularly on Instagram, where her posts attracted a significant following. Family and friends remembered her as a bright and beautiful young woman with a zest for life.

In the aftermath of the devastating event, McCray’s family expressed resilience and a refusal to let Shaw’s actions bring devastation upon them. They emphasized McCray’s strength of character and the impact she had on those around her. The tragic loss of Kelvi McCray serves as a stark reminder of the dangers of domestic violence and the importance of seeking help in such situations.