Tragic Murder-Suicide Claims Lives of Teen Siblings in Broken Arrow

BROKEN ARROW, Oklahoma – The Broken Arrow Police Department is currently investigating a tragic murder-suicide involving two teenagers. The incident occurred at their residence near West Florence Street and South Aspen Avenue. According to the police, the victims were siblings, and their family made the devastating discovery inside their home.

Neighbors expressed shock and sadness, recalling seeing the siblings playing outside and riding the school bus. Deacon Robert Owens, a neighbor, shared, “It just breaks my heart. Of course, you don’t expect that any time, let alone your neighbor. Our hearts and prayers are certainly out for them.”

The family members called 911 after finding the teenage boy dead in the home, with officers determining that the teenage girl was also deceased upon arrival. Investigators believe that the boy was responsible for the girl’s death before taking his own life. The police are currently working to understand the circumstances surrounding the tragedy, including the absence of any weapons at the scene.

Captain Josh McCoy of BAPD emphasized the impact of such cases on law enforcement, stating, “Every time we talk about deceased kids, this is something that impacts us deeply. Like you just said, we have families, we have children. At the Broken Arrow Police Department, we take that into consideration with our employees and our officers.”

Broken Arrow Public Schools is also closely monitoring the situation and has made grief counselors available in anticipation of the potential impact on students. The school district released a statement, saying that they are prepared to provide support as needed for grief counseling.

The Medical Examiner will determine the cause of death, and the police confirmed that the home had not experienced any prior issues. The community and law enforcement are grappling with the tragic loss as they continue to investigate this heartbreaking incident.