Tragedy Strikes in Ottawa: Mother, Children, and Acquaintance Killed in Mass Killing at Home

Ottawa, Canada – An unfathomable tragedy unfolded in the Ottawa suburb of Barrhaven as a mother, her four children, and a family acquaintance were found dead in what authorities describe as a “mass killing.” The devastating incident took place in a two-story townhouse on Berrigan Drive, where six lives were tragically lost late Wednesday night. The suspect, identified as 19-year-old Febrio De-Zoysa, is in custody facing multiple counts of first-degree murder.

Ottawa Police Chief Eric Stubbs revealed that the victims were 35-year-old Darshani Banbaranayake Gama Walwwe Darshani Dilanthika Ekanyake and her four children: 7-year-old Inuka Wickramasinghe, 4-year-old Ashwini Wickramasinghe, 2-year-old Rinyana Wickramasinghe, and two-month-old Kelly Wickramasinghe. Additionally, 40-year-old Amarakoonmubiayansela Ge Gamini Amarakoon, an acquaintance of the family, was also found deceased at the scene. The mother’s husband, Dhanushka Wickramasinghe, is currently hospitalized with serious injuries.

Authorities shared that an edged weapon was used in the attack, emphasizing that it was not a mass shooting but a tragic mass killing. De-Zoysa, a Sri Lankan national believed to be a student in Canada, did not have legal representation during his court appearance.

The community of Barrhaven is left reeling from the horrific loss, with Mayor Mark Sutcliffe expressing profound sorrow over the incident. As the investigation continues to unfold, residents gather at a vigil in Palmadeo Park to honor the memories of the victims and offer support to one another.

Educational institutions in the area are grappling with the aftermath, as students and staff are provided with grief counseling and mental health support services. The Ottawa Catholic School Board confirmed that two of the victims attended Monsignor Paul Baxter School, underscoring the profound impact of the tragedy on the local community.

Canadian leaders, including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Premier Doug Ford, have extended their condolences and pledged support to those affected by the incomprehensible loss. As details emerge and the investigation progresses, the city of Ottawa mourns the heartbreaking loss of six lives in a senseless act of violence.