Toledo Police To Release Body Camera Footage in Fatal Shooting of Murder Suspect After Chase

TOLEDO, Ohio – Toledo Police are set to disclose new details and release body camera and dash camera footage of the fatal police shooting of a murder suspect following a pursuit on Sunday. The department is holding a news conference on Thursday afternoon to provide the footage and discuss the incident, with Toledo Police Chief Mike Troendle scheduled to address the public at 3:30pm.

Police shot and killed a man, identified as Albert Alderman, who they said was responsible for the murder of a woman earlier in the day on Sunday. The events unfolded after Alderman led them on a chase through multiple neighborhoods and allegedly pointed a gun at officers, according to investigators. The victim, Kelsie Barnier, 29, was found dead at the couple’s home, and it was later determined that she died from strangulation.

Prior to the fatal encounter with the police, Alderman had called 911 to report his girlfriend’s condition. Detectives initially spoke to Alderman at the house and detected no signs of trauma on the victim’s body, but a coroner later determined the cause of death to be strangulation. Alderman initially agreed to meet with the detectives after the coroner’s ruling but later changed his mind, according to the police.

The pursuit started when SWAT Team officers spotted Alderman leaving his home and attempted to stop him. Alderman then led officers on a chase, during which he pointed a gun at the police. The situation escalated further when Alderman stopped his vehicle, got out, and pointed his gun at the officers, prompting the police to open fire. Alderman was shot and killed at the scene.

Court records revealed that Alderman had a history of domestic violence and had been ordered not to have any contact with the victim. As is standard department policy, the officers involved in the shooting are currently on paid administrative leave.