The Mysterious Deaths of a Missing Pregnant Teen and Her Boyfriend Leave Police Searching for Answers

SAN ANTONIO, TX: In San Antonio, a tragic incident unfolded as 22-year-old Matthew Guerra was discovered lifeless inside his car at a residential complex on the Northwest Side. Tragically, his 18-year-old pregnant girlfriend, Savanah Soto, was also found with him. Soto’s family had reported her missing just last Friday, one day before her scheduled induction. Police are treating this as a capital murder investigation.

Matthew Guerra’s family has recently broken their silence regarding the case. Gabriel Guerra, Matthew’s father, shared the devastating impact this has had on their family. Guerra mentioned how the family was looking forward to the arrival of Fabian, Savanah Soto’s unborn son.

In the midst of their grief and confusion, Gabriel Guerra expressed their deep desire for answers. He reflected on the conversations he had with his son in the months leading up to this tragedy, emphasizing Matthew’s eagerness to make positive changes in his life, become a responsible father, and his desire to engage in sports with his soon-to-arrive son.

Gabriel acknowledged that his son had faced legal troubles in the past, including charges related to unlawful weapon possession, evading arrest, and domestic assault. The latter charge had involved an incident with Savanah Soto last Christmas, but court documents showed that Soto had requested the charges be dropped almost a month after the incident.

Gabriel recounted the regrettable altercation, attributing it to excessive alcohol consumption and stressing that, to his knowledge, Matthew had not harmed Savanah during her pregnancy. Despite their imperfect relationship and Matthew’s prior history, Gabriel firmly believed that his son was not responsible for the tragic deaths of Savanah and their unborn child.

When asked whether Matthew’s history or associations may have played a role in the incident, Gabriel expressed his bewilderment and emphasized his lack of understanding regarding the motive behind such a horrific act.

San Antonio police described the crime scene as complex and perplexing, confirming that both individuals had suffered gunshot wounds. No gun was found at the scene, and Matthew’s phone was missing. The home showed no sign of a struggle, but a candle remained burning in the home. Soto was found in the front passenger seat, and Matthew Guerra was in the back seat. Both families had tried to report their kids as missing, and police are now investigating the incident as a murder crime scene.

It was later confirmed by the Bexar County Medical Examiner’s Office that Matthew Guerra had died from a contact gunshot wound to the head, and Savanah Soto had died from a gunshot wound to the head, with her death classified as a homicide. Police do not believe that it was a murder-suicide and are treating both deaths as capital murder.