Texas Governor Pardons Ex-Sergeant Serving 25-Year Murder Sentence, Sparks Controversy Amid New Accusations

Austin, Texas – A former United States Army sergeant convicted of murder for fatally shooting an armed demonstrator during protests in 2020 has been pardoned by Texas Governor Greg Abbott. This decision comes after the Texas board of pardons and paroles unanimously recommended that Daniel Perry, serving a 25-year sentence since his conviction in 2023, be pardoned and have his firearms rights restored.

Perry was found guilty by a jury in Austin for the murder of 28-year-old Garrett Foster, an air force veteran who was legally carrying an AK-47 during a Black Lives Matter protest. The incident occurred when Perry, working as a ride-share driver, drove his car into a crowd of protesters, shot Foster, and then fled the scene. Perry’s case had gained support from conservatives who advocated for his release.

During the trial, prosecutors argued that Perry had the opportunity to avoid opening fire, while defense attorneys claimed that Foster raised his rifle, leaving Perry with no choice but to shoot. Court records revealed Perry’s racist messages about protesters in the weeks leading up to the murder, reflecting a derogatory attitude towards the Black Lives Matter movement.

Additionally, other individuals were killed during the Black Lives Matter protests in 2020, totaling at least 25 casualties amid demonstrations sparked by the police killing of George Floyd. This incident underscores the volatility and tensions that marked the nationwide protests.

In another development, the president of a public university in California, Mike Lee, faced suspension for insubordination after agreeing to student demands for an academic boycott of Israel. The decision sparked backlash from pro-Israel groups and within the California state university system, highlighting the ongoing debate over academic freedom and geopolitical issues on college campuses.

Furthermore, former contestants of the 1991 Look of the Year modeling contest have come forward with allegations of inappropriate behavior by celebrity magician David Copperfield. The women, who were teenagers at the time, accused Copperfield of sexual harassment and unwanted advances, adding to a growing list of misconduct allegations against the entertainer.

These events underscore a broader cultural shift towards accountability and transparency, challenging established norms and power dynamics in various industries. As the public continues to demand accountability and justice, these cases serve as a reminder of the importance of addressing misconduct and holding individuals accountable for their actions.