Texas Caregiver Faces Murder Charges as More Deaths Uncovered in Unlicensed Homes

ARLINGTON, Texas — A Texas caregiver, Regla Becquer, 49, owner of several unlicensed adult care homes, is facing an escalation of legal challenges as ongoing investigations reveal a disturbing pattern of patient deaths under her custody. Authorities have recently charged Becquer with one count of murder following the deaths of 20 individuals spanning the last two years and are delving deeper into potential further abuses in her facilities.

Local police disclosed that an additional seven fatalities occurred in Becquer’s care homes since September 2022, prior to the onset of their investigations. These revelations contribute to a growing body of evidence suggesting systemic neglect and possible criminal activities, including financial exploitation and inadequate care standards within the homes operated by Becquer.

Arlington Chief of Police Al Jones emphasized the gravity of the findings and the authorities’ commitment to thorough investigation. “We’ve discovered deeply troubling practices in these facilities,” Jones stated. “It’s imperative that we continue to investigate to ensure all victims receive justice and prevent further harm.”

The investigation gained traction in March when allegations surfaced of Becquer poisoning her patients, leading to rapid health declines. One such case involved a patient named Kelly Pankratz, who, according to his brother Chris Devendorf, experienced a severe decline in health immediately after entering one of Becquer’s homes. Devendorf described eerie changes in his brother’s speech and demeanor just days before his untimely death in January.

Compounding the issue, reports indicate that Becquer siphoned substantial amounts of money from residents’ bank accounts. In one instance, it is alleged she misappropriated over $100,000 from Pankratz’s savings—a deviation from his known frugal nature. This financial exploitation reportedly extended to unauthorized online purchases made in patients’ names.

Additional accusations against Becquer include shifting patients between various homes to elude oversight and severing communication between patients and their families. “We have come across cases where family members lost all contact with their loved ones, complicating our efforts to assess the full scope of the neglect,” said an investigator who requested anonymity due to the ongoing nature of the probe.

Patients were left in alarming conditions, with some reports detailing environments where residents were forced to live in squalor, and critical incidents of harm that were not attended to promptly. One patient tragically passed after suffering from an untreated injury, highlighting the dire conditions under Becquer’s care.

Furthermore, some patients, reportedly of sound body and mind upon admission, experienced rapid health deteriorations after being placed in Becquer’s homes. Allegations of forged documents have also surfaced, including a case where a patient’s home deed was transferred to Becquer through a dubious will drafted shortly before the patient’s death.

The revelations extend to a broader scrutiny of regulatory practices as Arlington, unlike neighboring Dallas, does not require annual licensing for care homes, a loophole that may have facilitated the unchecked operation of these facilities.

Local authorities, under increasing pressure to clamp down on unregulated operations, vow to intensify inspections and oversight in the wake of these shocking findings. The community, meanwhile, reels from the betrayal of trust and the violation of the vulnerable members’ dignity and rights, awaiting justice for those impacted.