Syria Suffers Civilian and Military Casualties in US Airstrikes on Eastern Border据Syria, SANA报道,在国家东部与伊拉克边境的几个地方和城市进行了美国空袭,导致大量平民和军事人员伤亡。

BEIRUT, Syria – The United States conducted airstrikes on several sites and cities in the eastern part of Syria, near the border with Iraq. According to the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA), Syria claimed there were civilian and military casualties as a result.

A statement from the Syrian military accused the US of launching a “blatant air aggression” that resulted in the death and injury of civilians and military personnel, as well as extensive damage to private and public property. The targeted region is where the Syrian army is fighting the remnants of the ISIS terrorist organization, and the Syrian military believes the US is involved and allied with the emergence.

The airstrikes come at a time of heightened tension in the region, as the Syrian government and its allies continue to combat ISIS and other militant groups. The US government has stated that its military actions in Syria are aimed at targeting ISIS and preventing the resurgence of the terrorist organization. However, the Syrian government and its allies view the US presence and actions in Syria as an infringement on their sovereignty.

The US has conducted multiple military actions in Syria in recent years, raising concerns about the escalation of conflict and the potential for civilian casualties. The airstrikes near the border with Iraq have further strained relations between the US and the Syrian government, as well as their respective allies.

The international community continues to closely monitor the situation in Syria, as the complex and multifaceted conflict poses significant challenges for regional stability and security. The US airstrikes in the eastern part of the country have once again underscored the delicate balance of power and interests at play in the ongoing conflict in Syria.