Suspect Injured in Denver Museum Parking Lot Exchange of Gunfire

DENVER, Colorado – A suspect attempting to rob a man was injured in a shootout in a Denver museum parking lot on Sunday afternoon. The incident took place at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science’s parking lot around 2:45 PM. According to the Denver Police Department, the victim had just arrived at the parking lot and was getting out of his car with his girlfriend and two children when two men wearing ski masks approached them with guns drawn, demanding a silver chain the victim was wearing around his neck.

The victim reported that one of the suspects hit him in the back of the head with a gun, prompting the victim to grab his concealed carry gun and defend himself. In the exchange of gunfire that followed, the suspects fled the scene, while a nearby car was hit by the shots. Shortly after the shooting, a person arrived at a nearby hospital with a gunshot wound, and surveillance video identified him as one of the suspects, 21-year-old Oscar Mendoza, who was taken into police custody at the hospital.

Mendoza is being held on suspicion of four counts of attempted murder, two counts of felony menacing, and attempted robbery. Surveillance video also showed a driver dropping Mendoza and another person off at the hospital, matching the description of the car that left the shooting scene. The other person who was dropped off at the hospital left before the police arrived. It remains unclear whether there are any other suspects in connection with the shooting, as the investigation is ongoing.

The victim and his family were unharmed, and the police continue to gather evidence and information about the attempted robbery and shootout at the museum parking lot. No further details about the incident have been disclosed at this time.