Struggles Faced by Hyderabad Students in the US: From Starving on the Streets to Falling Victim to Mass Shootings

Hyderabad, India – Hyderabad, India has the largest number of students studying in the United States compared to other Indian cities, but some face significant challenges while living abroad.

In 2023, several incidents involving Hyderabad students in the US have raised concerns. Syeda Lulu Minhaj, a former Assistant Professor at Shadan College of Engineering and Technology in Hyderabad, was found starving on the streets of Chicago after her belongings were stolen, leading to depression.

Another student, Mohammed Amer, arrived in the US on a student visa and was hospitalized for a throat infection. His brother, Mohd Mujahed, expressed the critical nature of Amer’s condition, prompting efforts to travel to the US.

Tragically, a 24-year-old Hyderabad student, Pratiksha Kunwar, lost her life in a road accident in Cheney, Kansas, while pursuing a Master’s in Business Analysis. Similarly, two other Master’s students from Hyderabad also lost their lives in an accident on the Johnsburg highway in Kentucky.

Aishwarya Thatikonda, a 27-year-old engineer from Hyderabad, was among nine people killed in a mass shooting at a mall in Texas. Aishwarya had obtained a Bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from Osmania University and a Master’s degree in construction management from Eastern Michigan University. She was working as a project manager in Texas.

These incidents highlight the struggles faced by Hyderabad students in the US. While there are numerous opportunities for students studying in the US, it is essential for them to be mentally prepared to face such challenges before traveling thousands of miles.