Spoken Word Artist Marc Marcel Unveils New Set of Work Following Near Fatal Plane Crash

LOS ANGELES, CA — Acclaimed spoken word artist Marc Marcel is set to unveil powerful new sets of work that nearly cost him his life. While on his way to Honolulu and aboard United Flight 328, his life changed forever when the engine exploded, leaving his life and legacy in the balance as the plane was in a race against time, headed for an emergency landing with the engine in flames.

“I actually made my peace with everything,” Marcel explains. “I didn’t start begging for my life until I realized I had two unreleased spoken word albums in the overheard.”

‘Poet Rock Star’ will finally see the light of day. The album opens with the audio of the pilot calling into air traffic control for Mayday. With masterfully crafted pieces encapsulating the human spirit’s ability to rise above challenges and find solace in creativity, the album stretches the imagination with thought-provoking poems like ‘Schizophrenia’ and ‘These Poems, and evocative narratives such as ‘Brushstrokes,’ ‘The Carpenter,’ and ’14 Billion Years.’

In the wake of surviving a near-fatal plane crash, Marcel moved to Los Angeles, where a romantic saga blossomed underneath the Hollywood Sign, filled with poetry, philosophy, and psilocybin. His new memoir ‘A Moon Near Venus’ chronicles the intensity of the emergency landing and captures his riveting tale of love, art, trauma, prophecy, betrayal, and healing through the power of psychedelics.

Marcel is no stranger to adversity. Diagnosed with dyslexia at the age of 10, he is an example of how positive thought can effectively dictate your reality. Entertaining crowds with poetry and stories about his personal experience, he has exceeded the early boundaries brought on by his disability to become one of the most important thinkers of our day.

“Stay tuned,” Marcel advises. “My best work is yet to come.”

“Poet Rock Star” will be released nationwide in February, and “A Moon Near Venus” will be revealed sometime in 2024. For more information about Marc Marcel’s work, please visit www.poetrockstar.com.