Shocking twist: Officer suspended over high-speed chase

Washington, DC – A Washington, DC police officer has been suspended after leading Virginia police on a high-speed chase that ended in a crash, injuring his passenger and the driver of another car. The incident occurred last Wednesday night when a 25-year-old officer was caught driving at a speed of 95 mph on I-395 in northern Virginia, as reported by officials.

According to court documents, the officer allegedly increased his speed to evade the pursuing state trooper, reaching a staggering speed of 119 mph as he maneuvered onto Seminary Road. During the reckless attempt at evasion, the officer collided with a Honda after running a red light. Both vehicles involved in the crash suffered significant damage as a result of the impact.

Following the collision, the officer’s car spiraled out of control before ultimately coming to a stop. Unfortunately, his female passenger was injured during the incident. The Honda, which was also involved in the collision, struck a nearby concrete barrier, causing injuries to the female driver.

Two individuals were promptly taken to a nearby medical facility and treated for minor injuries after the officer was arrested and charged with one felony count of eluding the police.

The Washington DC Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) was informed of the officer’s arrest on Thanksgiving Day. In response, the MPD’s Internal Affairs Division swiftly revoked the officer’s police powers and placed him on non-contact status. The incident is currently under investigation by the MPD’s Internal Affairs Division.

This incident marks the second case this month involving an off-duty MPD officer facing legal consequences related to careless driving. In a separate incident on November 11, an officer was arrested for DUI, resisting arrest, and obstructing justice after allegedly interfering with another DUI investigation involving his girlfriend.

Representatives for the officers involved have not made any immediate comments on the matter.