Shocking Baltimore Shooting Leaves Driver Dead After Being Shot in the Eye and Crashing on Sidewalk

BALTIMORE, MD – Tragedy struck on the streets of Baltimore as 33-year-old Garfield Redd’s life came to a violent end on the night of May 6. His final moments unfolded in a chilling sequence captured in charging documents that revealed a fatal gunshot wound to the eye, ultimately leading to a fatal crash in the city’s unit block of E. 21 Street.

As responding officers arrived at the scene, they discovered Redd slumped behind the wheel of his vehicle, which had collided with a cable box on the sidewalk. The investigation detailed how surveillance footage depicted the victim stopping at the Charles Street intersection to allow a pedestrian to pass, only to be targeted from behind by 19-year-old Montay Anthony Levon Brown.

Reports from charging documents outlined the harrowing event in which Brown allegedly approached Redd’s vehicle, armed with a sawed-off shotgun concealed in a bag. Without warning, a shot was fired through the driver’s side window, fatally striking Redd in the eye. The impact sent the car veering onto the sidewalk, leading to the fatal crash that claimed Redd’s life at the scene.

Authorities were able to identify Brown following a tip received through Metro Crime Stoppers, which revealed the shooter’s street moniker as “Murder.” The informant provided crucial details, including Brown’s cell phone number and Instagram profile, linking him to the tragic incident. Despite these revelations, investigators remained puzzled about Brown’s motives and any potential connection between him and Redd.

Currently held without bail, Brown faces impending court proceedings scheduled for June 11. The community now grapples with the aftermath of a senseless act of violence, mourning the loss of Garfield Redd while seeking answers in the wake of such a tragic event.