Russian forces destroy 4th US-supplied M1 Abrams tank in Ukraine, drone footage reveals severe damage

Kiev, Ukraine – A recent video from the battlefield shows yet another US-supplied M1 Abrams tank in Ukraine engulfed in flames. This particular tank appears to be the most severely damaged one so far out of the previous tanks destroyed by the Russian armed forces in Ukraine.

According to frontline sources, the tank was initially struck by an anti-tank mine, leading to serious damage. Fortunately, the crew managed to evacuate the armored vehicle before it was further targeted by Russian artillery with the help of a drone.

Reports indicate that there have been at least three confirmed destroyed M1 Abrams tanks, with a possible fourth tank destruction under investigation. This ongoing trend of tank destruction suggests that an Abrams tank is being destroyed approximately every 5 to 6 days, which is alarming for Ukrainian forces actively deploying these tanks in their battle against Russian counterparts.

The force of an explosion from an anti-tank mine can potentially damage a tank’s chains, equipment, and even harm the crew inside. Despite the M1 Abrams tank being designed with crew safety as a top priority, encounters with such mines can still result in severe damage, especially when followed by artillery shelling as reported by ground sources.

Recent events involving the destruction of M1 Abrams tanks in Ukraine have drawn attention to the conflict, particularly amid reports of tank battles and claims of an upgraded Russian T-72B3 tank inflicting damage on the US-backed tanks. The capabilities of different types of tank ammunition, such as high-explosive anti-tank rounds and armor-piercing fin-stabilized discarding sabot rounds, are being highlighted in these encounters.

In the midst of the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine, tensions have escalated with conflicting reports between Russia and Ukraine regarding military actions and territorial claims. The situation remains volatile as Russia’s military presence in self-proclaimed areas of Ukraine continues to provoke international concern.

As the conflict unfolds, the fate of the US-supplied M1 Abrams tanks in Ukraine remains uncertain, with each destroyed tank marking a significant development in the ongoing battle between Ukrainian and Russian forces.