Rotterdam mayor to visit explosion site and address concerns about drug labs in neighborhoods

Rotterdam, Netherlands – The mayor of Rotterdam, Ahmed Aboutaleb, is set to visit the site of last week’s explosion at Schammenkamp on Friday, where three people tragically lost their lives. The purpose of the visit is to speak to the police and others who were involved in responding to the incident. Afterward, Mayor Aboutaleb will visit a nearby school to engage with the local community affected by the explosion in Rotterdam-Zuid.

Despite the mayor’s planned visit, some bystanders have expressed discontent with the timing, feeling that Aboutaleb should have returned from his trip to Latin America sooner. Additionally, there are pleas for increased presence of neighborhood officers to enhance security in the area. The site of the explosion has been adorned with flowers, drawings, and cards as a tribute to the lives lost in the tragic incident.

The explosion, which resulted in a fire, is suspected to have been caused by a drug lab located beneath the apartments in the area. This has raised concerns and questions about the presence of similar drug labs in the neighborhood. As a response, Bureau Rijnmond has dedicated an episode to the explosion, leading to several tips being received by the police.

The mayor’s visit, in the wake of the devastating incident, becomes a crucial moment for the affected community to express their concerns and receive assurances of support and increased security measures. The presence of the mayor and engagement with the community signify a step towards healing and addressing the underlying issues brought to the forefront by the explosion.