Property Owner Terminates Lease After Fatal Shooting at Greensboro Lounge

Greensboro, North Carolina – A shooting at the Culture Lounge left two men dead and a woman hospitalized on Friday. Following the tragic incident, the property owner has terminated their lease, effective March 11, as confirmed by Greensboro city officials. The Alcohol Law Enforcement (ALE) has also announced the opening of an investigation into the Culture Lounge.

The victims of the shooting were identified as Mohsin Hamid, 33, and Devonte Johnson, 28, who tragically lost their lives, while another woman was taken to the hospital for treatment. The shooting took place at the Culture Lounge early Friday morning, with around 100 guests present at the club on Spring Garden Street.

According to Greensboro police, the shooting occurred after a fight broke out inside the club, indicating that it was not a random act of violence. Eyewitnesses mentioned that Hamid bravely intervened to help during the altercation but was ultimately shot by the assailant. The community gathered in mourning for the loss of Hamid and Johnson, with many expressing shock and sadness.

In response to the incident, Greensboro Mayor Vaughan visited the crime scene to show support and solidarity. She also announced plans to work with the state ABC commission and local businesses to address gun violence prevention measures at bars and clubs. Mayor Vaughan highlighted concerns raised by local business owners regarding promoters who often come from out of town, promote events, and leave the community dealing with the aftermath.

The tragic shooting at the Culture Lounge marks the 10th homicide recorded in Greensboro this year, emphasizing the pressing need for community-led initiatives to address violence prevention. As the investigation into the incident continues, authorities have yet to make any arrests in connection to the shooting. The incident serves as a somber reminder of the importance of addressing gun violence and promoting safety within community spaces.