Portland farmer’s family demands police re-investigation into his 9-year disappearance amid links to convicted contract killer

PORTLAND, Jamaica – Almost nine years after the mysterious disappearance of a Portland farmer, relatives are urging the police to reopen the investigation into his case. The missing father of five, Ian Smith, vanished without a trace on January 28, 2015, just before the start of his trial with Denvalyn ‘Bubbla’ Minott, a convicted contract killer. Minott is currently serving a 19-year prison sentence for his involvement in the murder of businesswoman Tonia McDonald and is a key witness in the murder trial of businessman Everton ‘Beachy Stout’ McDonald and Oscar Barnes, who are also facing charges in connection with the case.

Smith’s eldest daughter, Tashagay Smith, revealed that the altercation between her father and Minott stemmed from a property dispute. She shared that her father had been injured by Minott and had been planning to sue him. According to Smith, her father’s disappearance has had a significant impact on their family, causing depression and emotional distress.

Despite being a person of interest in Smith’s disappearance, Minott was never charged due to insufficient evidence. However, during a recent court appearance, Minott admitted to shooting a man who subsequently disappeared before their case was tried. Smith and her family strongly believe that Minott was involved in her father’s disappearance and are calling for justice.

The family’s hope is that Minott will be charged for her father’s murder and that he will confess to the location of her father’s body. Meanwhile, law enforcement officials have stated that they are willing to reopen the case if new evidence or witnesses come forward. As the ninth anniversary of Smith’s disappearance approaches, the family is still hoping for closure and justice.