Podcast Captures Metro Detroit’s Top 10 Most-Listened Stories of 2023

DETROIT, MI – As 2023 comes to a close, it’s time to reflect on the stories that gripped the attention of listeners on the Daily J podcast. Hosts Zach Clark and Brian Fisher have spent the year delving into captivating tales that resonate with Metro Detroiters.

One of the most-listened to episodes was “After 15 years of ‘It’s So Cold in the D’, it’s time to give T-Baby the credit she deserves.” This episode explored how Detroit artist T-Baby’s viral hit song changed her life and left a lasting impact on the music scene. The podcast provided an in-depth look at the artist’s journey and the influence of her song.

Another popular episode focused on Crime Stoppers of Michigan and its role in solving heinous crimes in the area. The podcast shed light on how the program leverages anonymity and cash rewards to encourage the public to come forward with valuable tips to solve crimes.

Additionally, the podcast highlighted the resurgence of the once-endangered peregrine falcon in Metro Detroit, as well as the annual return of millions of insects, including mosquitoes, to Michigan every spring. These episodes offered insights into the local ecosystem and the significance of these natural occurrences.

The podcast also delved into thought-provoking topics such as the age of presidential candidates, the presence of coyotes in the city, and the alarming spike in wrong-way driving deaths in Metro Detroit. These episodes sparked discussions on important issues facing the community.

Furthermore, the podcast explored local mysteries, including the disappearance of a person of interest and the rejuvenation plans for the iconic Gibraltar Man outside the Gibraltar Trade Center in Macomb County.

In conclusion, the Daily J podcast’s top episodes of 2023 offered a diverse range of engaging and thought-provoking stories that resonated with Metro Detroit listeners. This year was marked by compelling narratives that captivated audiences and shed light on important local issues.