“Parole Possibilities” Major Criminals Up for Release in 2024 After Serving Decades Behind Bars

Columbia, South Carolina: In 2024, the possibility of parole for some of America’s most infamous criminals looms. However, their release is contingent upon proving they have been rehabilitated and showing remorse for their heinous crimes.

One of the notorious criminals is Susan Smith, known as the “Murderer Mom” of South Carolina. Smith, who infamously let her car roll into a lake with her two young sons inside, is scheduled for a parole hearing in November 2024. Her release faces opposition from the relatives of her ex-husband, David Smith.

Another potential parole candidate is David Berkowitz, the ‘Son of Sam’ killer. Serving time for the 1970s New York City shootings, Berkowitz allegedly received a notification of his parole eligibility and plans to seek freedom at his upcoming hearing in May 2024.

Patricia Krenwinkel, a member of the Manson Family involved in a series of high-profile murders in 1969, including the killing of Sharon Tate, also seeks parole in 2024. Despite facing 15 prior rejections, she will make another attempt at freedom at her 2024 hearing.

Edmund Kemper, known as the ‘Co-Ed Killer,’ is also up for parole in July 2024. Convicted of murdering at least 10 people, including his own mother, Kemper has been consistently denied parole since his first application in 1979.

These potential releases raise questions among the public about the rehabilitation of these dangerous individuals and the impact of their potential return to society. But for the victims’ families, it’s a chance to prevent these criminals from ever walking free again.