Orange County Commissioner Holds Town Hall to Address Concerns After Fatal Gas Explosion at Woodhill Apartments

ORLANDO, Florida – Orange County District 6 Commissioner Michael Scott gathered community members and county leaders to address concerns in the aftermath of a tragic gas explosion at Woodhill Apartments.

The Orange County Fire Rescue reported a fatality resulting from the apparent gas explosion that occurred within a unit on March 1. In response to the tragedy, Commissioner Scott urged residents to voice their complaints directly to the county if their maintenance issues are not being addressed by the property management.

During the meeting, Jacqueline Young shared a video displaying what she claimed to be black mold inside her apartment at the complex. She described issues with a leaked hot water heater causing her laundry room to be soaked with black mold and cracked surfaces.

Furthermore, Lake Apopka Natural Gas disclosed that they have been called to the complex approximately 50 times within the past year. These repeated calls for service raise concerns about the safety and maintenance practices at the Woodhill Apartments.

Commissioner Scott emphasized the importance of addressing all concerns raised by residents, whether related to gas leaks or other maintenance issues. He reassured the audience that the county is dedicated to serving the community and urged individuals to speak up about any problems they encounter.

This community meeting served as an opportunity for residents to voice their grievances and seek solutions to ongoing issues within the apartment complex. The tragic incident has highlighted the importance of proactive maintenance and proper oversight to prevent similar accidents in the future.