Oklahoma Family Rises Above Tragic Murder-Suicide, Focuses on Surviving Son

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma – The family of a man who committed a heinous murder-suicide by killing his wife and three children is speaking out about their heartbreaking ordeal. In a recent interview, they expressed their determination not to let the tragic event define them as they focus on caring for the one surviving son. The wife’s family has made it clear that they will not mention Jonathan Candy’s name, the man responsible for the senseless killings. Instead, their attention is on supporting and comforting the 10-year-old boy who miraculously survived the horrific ordeal.

The boy’s uncle, Brent Remerowski, shared that their priority is to provide the young survivor with the help and love he needs to cope with the devastating loss of his mother and siblings. Lindsay’s family has taken the boy under their care, showering him with affection and support during this challenging time. Despite the heartbreaking tragedy, the family fondly remembers Lindsay, Dylan, Ethan, and Lucas, choosing to honor their memories while purposely omitting Jonathan Candy’s name from their conversations.

While the community has rallied around the boy, showing an outpouring of love and support, they have actively worked to erase the memory of the man responsible for the tragedy. An online fundraiser has been set up to assist the boy, emphasizing the family’s commitment to focusing solely on the boy’s well-being and recovery. As they navigate the aftermath of the tragedy, they are grateful for the overwhelming support they have received from friends, neighbors, and strangers alike.

The morning of April 22 was marked by unimaginable horror as Jonathan Candy carried out the brutal killings inside their Oklahoma City home, leaving behind a scene of devastation. The only survivor, the 10-year-old boy, was the one to alert authorities to the tragedy, with police describing the incident as an “unspeakable tragedy.” The motive behind the quadruple murder-suicide remains a mystery, as there were no previous indications of domestic abuse or contact with law enforcement.

Through their grief, Lindsay’s family remains focused on providing a loving and nurturing environment for the young survivor as he navigates the trauma of losing his family in such a horrific manner. They are determined to shield him from the memory of the tragedy, ensuring that he receives the care and support he needs to heal and move forward. The community’s response has been one of unity and compassion, offering a glimmer of hope in the face of unimaginable tragedy.