North Texas Restaurant Owner Josh Babb Speaks Out After Explosion at Fort Worth Location

FORT WORTH, Texas – Musume, a Japanese restaurant located in the basement of the Sandman Hotel, is part of a North Texas restaurant group owned by Josh Babb. Babb expressed gratitude while also being shaken by the recent events that unfolded at the restaurant.

In a recent phone interview with the I-Team, Babb revealed that he has been advised not to appear on camera during the ongoing investigation. He has been involved in the family-run business since 2007, with nine restaurants under his ownership in North Texas, including the first Musume in downtown Dallas.

Babb has been primarily focused on the well-being of his employees, especially after an explosion occurred while three of them were preparing for the dinner crowd at John Peter Smith Hospital in Fort Worth. While two employees have been discharged from the hospital, one remains hospitalized in stable condition with burns and a broken rib.

Expressing his support for the affected employee and her family, Babb emphasized the close-knit nature of his team and their concern about the situation. He has been actively involved in recovering personal belongings from the aftermath of the explosion and is personally overseeing the process of reassigning all 40-plus employees of the Fort Worth Musume to his other local restaurants.

Despite the challenging circumstances, Babb remains committed to assisting the professionals in their investigation of the incident. He also expressed gratitude for the organized response from the City of Fort Worth, fire rescue, police, and other responding agencies.

In conclusion, Josh Babb, the owner of the North Texas restaurant group that includes Musume, expressed gratitude and concern for his employees following an explosion at the restaurant’s location in the Sandman Hotel. The incident, which resulted in injuries to several employees, has prompted an investigation with Babb’s full cooperation. He remains focused on supporting his team and working closely with the authorities to understand the cause of the explosion.