New Lawsuits Filed Against Tech and Gun Companies Over Uvalde School Shooting Tragedy

Austin, Texas – Families of 19 victims of the Uvalde school shooting have recently filed lawsuits against Instagram parent company Meta Platforms, the maker of the video game “Call of Duty,” and the gun company responsible for manufacturing the assault rifle used in the tragic incident. These legal actions were announced on the second anniversary of the attack on Robb Elementary School, where 19 students and two teachers lost their lives.

The lawsuits allege that Meta, Activision, and Daniel Defense collaborated to promote and create content that glorified combat, gun violence, and killing, effectively training the teenage shooter before the deadly rampage. According to Josh Koskoff, an attorney for the families, there is a direct link between the companies’ actions and the Uvalde shooting, claiming that they exposed the shooter to the weapon, conditioned him to view it as a solution to his problems, and trained him in its use.

Notably, this is not the first instance where technology companies have faced accusations of influencing mass shooters. In a similar vein, families of victims in a previous attack on a supermarket in Buffalo, New York, also sued social media companies for their role in radicalizing individuals. The lawsuits against Daniel Defense, Meta, and Activision were filed in Texas and California, with the damages sought not immediately disclosed.

The legal documents reveal that the Uvalde shooter had been playing various versions of “Call of Duty” since the age of 15, allowing him to practice with a virtual representation of the rifle he later used in the school shooting. The lawsuit against the game company criticized its hyper-realistic portrayal of authentic weapons, emphasizing the potential impact on impressionable individuals.

Furthermore, the lawsuit against Instagram highlighted the platform’s lack of enforcement in preventing the promotion of firearms and harmful content to minors, implying that the shooter was influenced through aggressive marketing tactics. The gun company was accused of using Instagram to glorify the illegal and deadly use of its weapons, ultimately leading the shooter to purchase the assault rifle before his 18th birthday.

As legal proceedings unfold, Daniel Defense, Meta, and Activision have yet to respond to requests for comment. In a congressional hearing, Daniel Defense’s CEO condemned the Uvalde shooting as an act of “pure evil” and expressed deep concern over such tragic events. Meanwhile, the Uvalde community plans to commemorate the victims with a vigil and other memorial events, reflecting on the lives lost and the impact on the community.

President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris have offered their condolences to the Uvalde community, expressing solidarity with the families of the victims and emphasizing the need to remember their stories and honor their memory. The anniversary of the Uvalde school shooting serves as a poignant reminder of the lives lost and the ongoing efforts to seek justice for the victims and their families.