Municipal Chief Executive Strongly Denounces Political Violence in Ayawaso West, Calls for Strict Legal Action

Ayawaso, Ghana – The Ayawaho West Municipal Assembly has vehemently denounced a recent violent incident at a local party headquarters, describing the event as a severe threat to the core values of the community’s democratic, peaceful, and united standards. On a quiet Sunday, the constituency office of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in Dzorwulu was assaulted by individuals identified as members of the opposing National Democratic Congress (NDC), sparking widespread condemnation.

Sandra Owusu-Ahinkorah, the Municipal Chief Executive, issued a statement on Monday expressing the municipality’s strong disapproval of the assault. She emphasized that such aggression undermines more than just the political group targeted; it is an attack on the collective ethos and civil harmony of the municipality.

The assault, described by local officials as unprovoked and disruptive, led to injuries among party executives and NPP sympathizers. This violence has prompted a renewed commitment from municipal leaders to uphold law and order, as well as to preserve the right to safely conduct lawful political activities.

Owusu-Ahinkorah’s office has assured that the attack will not be taken lightly and those responsible will face consequences. She noted that the ideals of dialogue and mutual respect must prevail over hostility and aggression. The municipality has called upon law enforcement agencies to thoroughly investigate the incident and to hold the perpetrators accountable.

Further addressing the aftermath, leaders have urged the community to maintain calm and resist any temptations toward further violence. The municipal assembly, along with security institutions, is set on bolstering security measures to avoid any recurrence of such disturbances.

The call to action not only seeks justice for the immediate victims but also serves as a deterrent to prevent future outbreaks of politically motivated violence. Local authorities are determined that this display of violence should be an exception in an otherwise peaceful political climate.

The municipal assembly emphasizes that ongoing dialogue and engagement among all political entities within the municipality are essential. They encourage the people of Ayawaso to prioritize discussions and peaceful resolutions over conflict, fostering a community where tolerance and respect are foundational, unshakeable pillars.

As Ayawaso heads into future political activities, the reinforced security presence and vigilant monitoring of the situation highlight the community’s resolve to uphold its cherished values of peace and unity, ensuring that all residents can feel secure in their political expressions and affiliations.