Mother of Slain Tuscaloosa Teen Fights Heartache to Raise Funds for Burial

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. – A grieving mother in Tuscaloosa is facing an unimaginable loss after her son, Jacob Crumpton, was fatally shot during a robbery attempt. The heartbroken mother, Jalena Chamblis, recently opened up about the devastating tragedy that took her son’s life.

The incident, which occurred when Crumpton was just 18 years old, also claimed the life of another teenager. Chamblis expressed her deep sadness and the difficulty of coming to terms with the loss of her middle child. She is now focusing on raising funds to give her son a proper burial.

In a display of immense strength amidst profound grief, Chamblis shared her struggles with the emotional toll of the situation. She revealed her efforts to cope with the pain and uncertainty surrounding the funeral costs, as she grapples with the unexpected financial burden of laying her son to rest.

Despite the challenges she faces in covering the expenses of her son’s funeral, Chamblis remains resilient in her faith. She leans on her belief in God to provide solace and guidance during this difficult period. As she navigates this journey of grief, she draws strength from her trust in a higher power to carry her through.

With the cost of the funeral estimated at approximately $9,000, Chamblis is determined to ensure that her son receives a proper farewell. While dealing with the complexities of the insurance process, she remains steadfast in her resolve to give Crumpton the dignified send-off he deserves.

As the community rallies behind Chamblis in support, she finds herself grappling with the emotional weight of not only mourning the loss of her son but also navigating the practicalities of arranging his funeral. Through it all, her unwavering faith serves as a guiding light, offering her comfort and hope in the face of tragedy.

Crumpton, who left behind a 3-month-old daughter, would have turned 19 in November, adding a poignant layer to the family’s profound sense of loss. As Chamblis continues to cope with the aftermath of her son’s untimely death, she finds strength in the memories she holds dear and the love she shared with her beloved child.