More Members Of The Biden Family Were Engaged In Shady Overseas Business Deals

A leading Republican investigator has claimed that more Biden family members are involved in questionable commercial activities abroad than was previously recognized.

James Comer (R-KY), the current chairman of the House Oversight Committee, spoke to the media on Wednesday evening and Thursday morning to offer an update after his committee received access to bank data and suspicious activity reports.

In an interview with Fox News anchor Laura Ingraham on Wednesday evening, Comer stated that proof of influence peddling is deeply rooted in the family tree of President Joseph Biden. Comer predicted that at the end of the investigation, six or seven Biden family members would be found to have participated in various business scams across the world.

The chairman stated that he knew their identities but declined to identify them. When Comer returned for a second interview with Fox Business presenter Maria Bartiromo on Thursday morning, her show presented a graph showing Hunter Biden, the president’s brother James, and five blacked-out frames, each with a giant question mark.

President Biden has denied participation in his son Hunter and brother James’s business affairs. Federal authorities are probing Hunter Biden’s business transactions in China, Ukraine, and other nations, along with his tax issues. Despite Hunter Biden’s assertion that he expects to be exonerated of any wrongdoing, Republicans have expressed worries about influence peddling, especially if it involves the president. This is partly based on the contents of Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop.

Democrats have expressed concern that their Republican colleagues are conducting “political opposition research” to help former President Donald Trump. Still, Comer told Bartiromo that his team has evidence of an alarming pattern of receiving suspicious amounts of money from known enemies of the U.S. worldwide.

Comer revealed earlier this week that the Treasury Department had granted his panel access to suspicious activity reports about the Biden family and their allies’ business dealings, which financial institutions use to flag suspected illegal behavior.

House investigators also obtained access to bank records that, according to Comer, indicate John “Rob” Walker, who has been identified as a business associate of Hunter Biden in a venture with executives from CEFC China Energy, received a $3 million wire from two individuals affiliated with the Chinese Communist Party roughly two months after Joe Biden left the office vice president in 2017.

Comer stated that within a day, Walker’s account began sending funds to the accounts of three Biden family members, including one “new” member who had not been previously linked to alleged influence operations.

Comer stated on the show that they discovered that Biden’s family business scam involved several family members, none of whom had experience in Chinese or Ukrainian energy dealings, he stated.

Comer stated that he has looked at about 12 or 13 transactions thus far and that his team intends to acquire further banking information regarding this matter. Comer added that they were making significant headway in this inquiry, and it’s not looking good for the Biden family.