Missouri Prosecutors Seek Death Penalty for Kansas City Man in Double Murder Case

Kansas City, Missouri – Prosecutors in Missouri announced their intention to pursue the death penalty for a man from the Kansas City area accused of murdering a court employee and a police officer. Larry Acree, 70, of Independence, allegedly shot court employee Drexel Mack and officer Cody Allen, with Allen losing his life in the incident.

Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker’s office filed a notice with the court, stating that they believe there are aggravating circumstances that justify seeking the death penalty for Acree. The charges against Acree include two counts of first-degree murder among a total of 18 charges.

According to court documents, Acree was facing overdue taxes dating back to at least 2019. His property, including a three-bedroom home, was sold last year for $260,000 after the taxes had been paid by the new owner. Authorities had posted a “Notice to Vacate” sign at the property in February as Acree was not authorized to be there.

During a brief court hearing, Acree’s attorney requested a continuance to allow public defenders experienced in death penalty cases to take over the defense. The next court date for Acree is scheduled for July 10 in Independence, a suburb of Kansas City with a population of about 122,000 residents.

Currently, there are eleven individuals on death row in Missouri, highlighting the severity of the state’s stance on capital punishment. The case against Acree is expected to proceed with the prosecution seeking the ultimate penalty in light of the gravity of the charges.