Massive Explosion in 104-Year-Old Fort Worth Hotel Injures 21 People, Shuts Down Downtown Streets

FORT WORTH, Texas – An explosion at a hotel in downtown Fort Worth on Monday caused significant damage to the building, leading to injuries among the occupants and sending debris onto the streets. According to fire officials, the explosion resulted in the collapse of multiple floors, including the subbasement, and caused extensive damage to the W.T. Waggoner Building, which currently houses the Sandman Signature Fort Worth Hotel.

Fort Worth Fire Chief Jim Davis briefed the Fort Worth City Council on Tuesday, stating that while the cause of the explosion has not been confirmed, gas is believed to have been involved. The blast led to damage from the basement to the second floor of the 20-story tower, which has stood for nearly 104 years. Firefighters responded to the incident and conducted search and rescue operations to ensure no one was trapped inside the building.

Officials confirmed that the explosion was not intentional and that there was no evidence of foul play. While 21 people sustained injuries, there were no fatalities. The injured were taken to various hospitals for treatment, with one individual in critical condition being transferred to a hospital in Dallas for burn treatment.

Following the explosion, several roads in downtown Fort Worth were closed due to safety concerns, and the area surrounding the hotel was designated as a “hot zone.” First responders worked to ensure the building was safe for further operations and were in the process of turning control of the building back over to the owner. The community was reassured that the fire department was prepared to respond to any reports of a natural gas leak and urged residents to call for assistance if needed.

The situation in downtown Fort Worth continues to develop, with road closures and safety considerations impacting the surrounding area. However, officials are focused on ensuring the safety of the community and returning the area to normalcy in a timely manner.