Massachusetts Murder Suspect Escapes Police Custody in Kenya, Dashing Hopes for Justice

BOSTON, MA – A man accused of murdering his girlfriend and leaving her body in a car at Boston’s Logan Airport has escaped from police custody in Kenya, authorities announced Thursday. Kevin Adam Kinyanjui Kangethe was awaiting extradition to face a first-degree murder charge in connection with the death of Margaret Mbitu on Oct. 31, 2023.

Mbitu’s family expressed their determination to see justice served, stating, “Kevin can run but he cannot hide and we trust that the long arm of the law will reach him.” Kinyanjui Kangethe managed to slip out of the police station and fled in a privately owned minivan, triggering an immediate search for his whereabouts.

Before his escape, a man claiming to be Kangethe’s lawyer requested to speak with his client at the police station. The officers agreed and took Kangethe to an office, where he eventually managed to flee, leaving the “lawyer” behind. The police chief confirmed that the man posing as Kangethe’s lawyer and the officers on duty at the time of the escape have been arrested.

Suffolk County District Attorney Kevin Hayden expressed hope that Kenyan law enforcement would do their utmost to recapture Kangethe, emphasizing the importance of seeking justice for Margaret Mbitu and her family. Kangethe’s return to freedom has deeply affected those close to Mbitu, with a friend expressing the difficulty of accepting the loss of a family member and the subsequent news of Kangethe’s escape.

Furthermore, Mbitu’s absence from work followed by the discovery of her mutilated body at the airport parking garage raised suspicions and led to the subsequent murder investigation. Investigators concluded that Kangethe, Mbitu’s boyfriend, was responsible for her murder, after which he fled to Kenya and renounced his U.S. citizenship. The court had approved his detention for 30 days while the extradition issue was heard, with the suspect’s lawyer opposing his ongoing detention.

The escape has also raised concerns about corruption within the Kenyan police, as bribery allegations have surfaced. Despite this setback, authorities are committed to ensuring Kangethe faces the consequences of his alleged crime. The pursuit of justice for Mbitu is ongoing, and the extradition treaty between Kenya and the United States is expected to play a crucial role in the eventual return of Kangethe to the U.S. for his trial.