Maple Avenue in Glenville to Close for Bridge Replacement Following Tractor-Trailer Explosion

Glenville, New York – A section of Maple Avenue in Glenville will undergo closure next week for the replacement of a railroad crossing bridge that sustained damage due to a tractor-trailer collision, resulting in a significant explosion. The closure is scheduled to begin on Monday and continue through Friday.

The bridge, damaged following a collision with an 18-wheel tractor-trailer on December 21, led to the driver’s injury and a substantial explosion with flames reaching heights of up to 200 feet. The tractor-trailer was transporting compressed natural gas at the time of the incident.

During the road closure, southbound vehicles are advised to utilize Glenridge Road to Bruce Drive and Alplaus Avenue as an alternative route. For northbound vehicles, the recommended detour is Alplaus Avenue to Bruce Drive to Glenridge Road.

The upcoming replacement of the damaged bridge underscores the importance of infrastructure maintenance and safety measures to prevent accidents and disruptions in the future. The closure of Maple Avenue serves as a precautionary step to ensure the smooth progress of the bridge replacement project.

Residents and commuters in the Glenville area are encouraged to plan their routes accordingly and allow for extra travel time during the temporary road closure. The cooperation of the community is crucial in facilitating the timely completion of the bridge replacement and restoring smooth traffic flow along Maple Avenue.

As authorities work to address the damage caused by the collision and subsequent explosion, the safety of both motorists and construction crews remains a top priority. The closure of Maple Avenue aims to minimize risks and expedite the necessary repairs to restore the bridge’s structural integrity.

With the closure set to begin next week, residents are urged to stay updated on any developments or changes related to the road closure and bridge replacement project. The collaboration between local officials, construction crews, and residents is essential in mitigating inconveniences and ensuring the efficient completion of the repair work on Maple Avenue’s railroad crossing bridge.