Man shot by carjacking victim facing attempted murder and strangulation charges in Kentucky

LOUISVILLE, Ky. – An incident involving a carjacking took a dramatic turn when the victim fought back, resulting in the suspect being shot. The suspect, identified as Jason Calhoun, faces charges of attempted murder and strangulation following the altercation on Thursday morning.

Louisville Metro Police responded to a vehicle collision on the Outer Loop, near Preston Highway, where they discovered Calhoun with multiple gunshot wounds. It was believed that Calhoun had been engaged in a fight with another individual on Interstate 65 near Fern Valley Road.

Prior to the collision, authorities received reports of a possible carjacking on I-65 at the Outer Loop. The victim, whose vehicle had broken down, returned with his wife’s vehicle and encountered Calhoun demanding the vehicle at gunpoint. A struggle ensued, with Calhoun allegedly attempting to remove the victim’s eye and threatening to kill him.

In a desperate bid to defend himself, the victim was able to gain control of the firearm and shoot Calhoun multiple times, prompting him to flee the scene in the victim’s vehicle. Calhoun’s escape was short-lived as he was hit by a semi-truck before continuing towards the Outer Loop and Preston Highway area, where he was apprehended by law enforcement.

Both Calhoun and the victim were taken to University Hospital for treatment. Calhoun sustained multiple gunshot wounds but is expected to survive, while the victim suffered visible injuries, including a corneal abrasion to his left eye and difficulty breathing.

Calhoun faces a slew of charges including attempted murder, strangulation, robbery, and criminal mischief. An arraignment is set for Friday morning, however, it remains uncertain if Calhoun will be discharged from the hospital to attend the proceedings.