Man Found Sane in Fatal Movie Theater Shooting of TikTok Star and Date Receives Life Sentence

Corona, California – A tragic case involving the murders of TikTok star Anthony Barajas and his date, Rylee Goodrich, has reached a conclusion as Joseph Jimenez Jr. was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. The judge, while acknowledging Jimenez’s schizophrenia diagnosis, deemed him sane at the time of the murders. The sentencing marked the end of a painful chapter for the victims’ families.

Jimenez Jr. received a life sentence without parole, along with an additional 100 years to life for the murders and for using a firearm during the commission of a felony. The incident occurred in July 2021 during a screening of “The Forever Purge” at a Regal Edwards Theater in Corona, where Goodrich was killed on the scene and Barajas succumbed to his injuries days later in the hospital.

Barajas, a popular TikTok personality with a substantial following, and Goodrich, on a first date, were the unfortunate victims of Jimenez Jr.’s senseless actions. The shooter, claiming to have heard threatening voices, testified that he believed the voices were real and acted out of fear when he fatally shot the teens.

During the trial, it was revealed that Jimenez Jr. had been experiencing paranoid hallucinations due to schizophrenia, which manifested after the death of his mother. Despite being aware of his condition, his failure to regularly take medication was cited as concerning by the judge. The prosecution argued that Jimenez Jr. consistently ignored medical advice regarding his mental health.

Witnesses testified to Jimenez Jr.’s erratic behavior before and after the shooting, highlighting his abnormalities and seeming detachment from reality. Despite the tragic loss of life and the devastating impact on the victims’ families, the case sheds light on the importance of proper mental health treatment and the consequences of neglecting prescribed medication.

In the aftermath of this heartbreaking event, the families of Anthony Barajas and Rylee Goodrich are left to grapple with the senseless tragedy that claimed the lives of their loved ones. As the community mourns the loss of two young lives, the case serves as a stark reminder of the devastating effects of untreated mental illness and the need for improved resources and support for individuals struggling with such conditions.