Man Found Guilty of Revenge Shooting in Gwinnett County Murder Case

GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. – A man has been found guilty by a Gwinnett County jury for the murder of another man in what prosecutors deemed a “revenge shooting” stemming from a prior altercation between the two individuals.

The incident unfolded when the suspect allegedly rented a Tesla vehicle to track down the victim as he was on his way to a family dinner, ultimately ending in a fatal shooting.

The victim, identified as Darius Dugger, was tragically shot and killed in September 2023 while in his truck with his fiancé and young son. His fiancé recounted being followed for several miles before the tragedy unfolded, leaving her in shock and disbelief.

Law enforcement authorities were able to identify the shooter as Neil Frasdilla through the use of technology provided by the Tesla car used in the crime. Following an investigation, the Gwinnett County District Attorney’s Office reported that a jury had reached a verdict of guilty in Dugger’s murder.

Prosecutors argued that the motive behind the shooting was linked to a past incident where Dugger had intervened to help a woman who reported being abused, ultimately leading to a confrontation and subsequent fight between Dugger and Frasdilla.

A year later, Frasdilla allegedly orchestrated the shooting by renting a Tesla car in a premeditated act to seek revenge on Dugger. The calculated and tragic event occurred while the victim and his family were en route to a restaurant, according to authorities.

With overwhelming evidence, including 911 calls and GPS tracking from the Tesla, prosecutors were able to secure a conviction against Frasdilla for the murder.

The sentencing for the 27-year-old perpetrator is set for May 28, marking a milestone in the pursuit of justice for Dugger’s senseless killing. The District Attorney emphasized the heinous nature of the crime, labeling it as a meticulously planned and unconscionable act of violence that should serve as a stark reminder of the consequences of such actions in society.