Man Charged with Murder and Tampering with Evidence in Connection to Death of Nathaniel Leshawn Fuller

Macon, Georgia – Jordan Lavoris Dean faces charges of murder and evidence tampering related to the death of Nathaniel Leshawn Fuller. The discovery of Fuller’s body in his SUV, located in the backyard of a residence on Winston Drive, led to Dean’s arrest at a home on Felton Avenue.

Authorities in Bibb County have indicated that Dean, who is currently held without bond, was taken into custody in connection with the investigation into Fuller’s death. Individuals with information regarding the case are encouraged to contact the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office or Macon Regional Crime Stoppers.

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The developments surrounding Dean’s arrest and the ongoing investigation into Fuller’s death serve as a stark reminder of the impact of violence within communities. As the legal process unfolds, authorities continue to urge cooperation from the public in seeking justice for the victims and their families.

Efforts to address and prevent such incidents require collaborative engagement from law enforcement, community members, and support networks to ensure the well-being and safety of all individuals. Through initiatives like “More Than A Number,” there is a concerted effort to provide resources and support for those affected by tragic events, underscoring the importance of empathy and understanding in times of crisis.