Man Charged After Woman Seriously Injured in Toronto Dog Attack, Two Dogs Still at Large

Toronto, Canada: A man has been apprehended and charged following a vicious attack on a woman by two unrestrained dogs while she waited at a bus stop in Toronto. Police have confirmed that the woman sustained serious injuries as a result of the attack.

According to Toronto authorities, the dogs responsible for the incident have not been located yet. The arrest was made on Friday in relation to the assault that occurred on February 7 in the Martin Grove Road and John Garland Boulevard area in Toronto’s west end.

The victim, identified as Anita Brown, recounted her harrowing experience to local news outlets, expressing her fear for her life during the attack. She was violently knocked to the ground, suffering severe injuries until finding refuge in the vehicle of a passerby.

After the disturbing incident, Toronto police issued a public safety alert detailing the aggressive nature of the dogs involved. Described as pit bull terriers or similar breeds without leashes or a visible owner, the dogs continued their rampage by attacking another individual and attempting to harm several others.

Authorities disclosed that Brown’s injuries, though serious and life-altering, were fortunately not life-threatening. The suspect, a Toronto resident named Ali Ismael Stanley, 36, has been charged with multiple offenses, including criminal negligence causing bodily harm and disobeying a court order.

Despite the arrest, the two dogs implicated in the attack remain at large. Police have urged the public not to approach the animals if sighted and to immediately contact emergency services for assistance.