Man barricades himself in home with juveniles before being killed by deputies

MOORESVILLE, N.C. – Authorities in Iredell County, North Carolina, successfully located and apprehended a double murder suspect who had barricaded himself in a residence with four juveniles. The incident unfolded on March 9, 2024, when the Iredell County Sheriff’s Office responded to reports of shots fired, leading to the discovery of one critically injured victim and two deceased victims.

Upon arriving at a residence on Oswalt Amity Road, deputies encountered the suspect, later identified as Justin Strawser, who pointed a gun at them before opening fire with an AR-15. Negotiations to peacefully resolve the situation failed, despite efforts to coax Strawser out of the house.

During the standoff, it was revealed that four juveniles were inside the residence with Strawser, all of whom resisted rescue attempts by the deputies. As the situation escalated, Strawser continued to discharge multiple rounds at law enforcement officers, prompting the introduction of gas into the home. Eventually, the juveniles managed to flee the house, followed by the suspect.

Tragically, Strawser engaged in a confrontation with deputies as he exited the residence, resulting in a fatal exchange of gunfire that led to his death at the scene. Fortunately, the juveniles and law enforcement officers emerged unharmed from the ordeal, bringing the tense situation to a close.

The victims of the double murder were identified as Eduardo Cordova, 22, and Caleb Loper, 24, both of whom were acquainted with Strawser. Law enforcement officials suspected that narcotics and robbery may have been underlying motives behind the tragic incident, shedding light on a possible connection between the suspect and the victims.

The swift and decisive actions taken by the Iredell County Sheriff’s Office underscored the dedication and bravery of law enforcement in ensuring the safety of the community amidst challenging circumstances. The resolution of this harrowing event serves as a reminder of the risks that officers face in the line of duty while upholding public safety and seeking justice in the aftermath of violent crimes.