Local Attorney Plants 10,000 Daffodil Bulbs in Santa Rosa: The Surprise Guerrilla Gardener Behind the City’s Flowering Beauty

SANTA ROSA, California – The city of Santa Rosa, California, has been graced with a surprising burst of beauty this season in the form of countless daffodils popping up around downtown. The secret behind this delightful scene has been revealed – a local attorney named Paul Miller. Miller has taken it upon himself to become the “guerrilla gardener” of Santa Rosa, planting 10,000 daffodil bulbs in medians and under freeways near his downtown office over the past three years.

Armed with only an orange vest and a cordless drill with an auger for digging, Miller has been quietly leaving his mark in unexpected and overlooked places throughout the city. His motivation? To provide an unexpected burst of beauty in otherwise mundane spaces. Miller’s efforts have not gone unnoticed, as city workers and residents alike have come to appreciate the colorful surprise he brings to their surroundings.

In addition to the daffodils, Miller has also been behind the blooming sunflowers on the edges of a city parking lot, as well as a bed of cosmos, tomatoes, and basil outside of his law office. While one might assume that Miller’s own backyard would be a sight to behold, he reveals that he puts all his efforts into beautifying the public spaces of Santa Rosa.

Miller’s dedication to his “guerrilla garden” has not only brought joy to the city but has also prompted the city to legitimize his efforts by adding soil and water to the public plot of land he tended. This has allowed Miller to continue his work and bring unexpected bursts of beauty to the people of Santa Rosa.

His actions have sparked admiration and curiosity, as people wonder about the motivation behind his selfless and uplifting acts. Through his efforts, Miller has truly made a lasting impact on the city, reminding everyone that beauty can be found in even the most unexpected places.