Leo Varadkar faces death threats and hoax bomb calls during time as Taoiseach, leading to increased security measures and concern for public figures.

Dublin, Ireland – Former Irish Taoiseach Leo Varadkar faced a series of death threats and hoax bomb calls during his time in office, a recent revelation has shown. Among these threats was a disturbing plan to blow up his new €800,000 home in Dublin, which he shares with his long-time partner Matt Barrett.

According to reports, the incidents were swiftly addressed by the Irish police, known as the Gardai, and Varadkar’s residence was thoroughly searched and secured to ensure his safety. Despite the terrifying threats, Varadkar remained resilient and steadfast, choosing not to let the abuse affect him personally.

However, the constant scrutiny and threats eventually took a toll on Varadkar, prompting his decision to step down from office. Sources close to the government disclosed that Varadkar had faced a higher level of abuse and threats compared to other politicians, particularly from extremist groups on the far right.

In response to concerns about his security and the threats against him, Varadkar assured the public that appropriate measures were in place to protect office holders and staff in government buildings. Meanwhile, security around Taoiseach elect Simon Harris has been heightened as he prepares to assume office in the near future.

Harris, who is set to become the youngest Taoiseach in Ireland, and his family will receive 24-hour protection at their home in Greystones, Co Wicklow. The decision to increase security measures comes after Harris’ residence was previously targeted by protestors, leading to condemnation from the public and fellow politicians.

A statement from a Garda source emphasized the seriousness of threats against public officials, stating that all security measures around Harris would be reevaluated and reinforced. Despite the challenges and threats faced by politicians, the authorities are determined to protect their safety and well-being in the face of rising tensions and hostility.