Lance Bass Steps Away from Heart WeHo Partnership After Vicious Attack on Customer

West Hollywood, California – Former NSYNC singer Lance Bass recently announced that he is no longer a partner at Heart WeHo, a nightclub in West Hollywood. This decision comes in light of a disturbing incident involving a customer, Albert Martinez, who was found unconscious outside the club with serious injuries. In a statement on WEHO TIMES’ Instagram account, Bass expressed his shock and concern over the violent attack, which was captured on surveillance video. The assailant, a bouncer hired by Heart WeHo through a third-party security company, has been arrested by the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department.

Bass conveyed his sadness over the incident, emphasizing that violence of any kind is unacceptable. His initial mission when joining Heart WeHo was to create a safe and welcoming environment for patrons. The incident serves as a reminder of the importance of remaining vigilant and prioritizing the safety of community members.

According to the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, the altercation occurred when Martinez tried to enter the nightclub without proper identification. A verbal and physical altercation ensued between Martinez and the security guard, resulting in Martinez being punched in the face and sustaining serious injuries. The suspect was apprehended and charged with battery causing great bodily harm.

Martinez, who was initially in a coma following the attack, is now awake and undergoing therapy in the hospital. His family has shared that he is aware of his surroundings and is expected to make a full recovery. The incident has raised concerns about the safety and security measures at Heart WeHo, especially amid rumors of the nightclub being up for sale.

Individuals with information about the incident are urged to contact the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department for further assistance. The community is rallying behind Martinez and advocating for a safer nightlife environment to prevent similar incidents in the future. As the investigation continues, questions remain about the accountability and oversight of security personnel at establishments like Heart WeHo.