Kurdish Man Injured in Landmine Explosion While Collecting Wild Herbs in Kurdistan Village

Saqqez, Kurdistan Province, Iran – A tragic incident involving a Kurdish individual named Keyvan Hermidoli recently unfolded in the village of Hermidol, leaving him injured in a landmine explosion. The 31-year-old was carrying out the collection of wild herbs when the blast occurred, causing significant harm. As a married man and father, Hermidoli was rushed to Shafa Hospital in Saqqez for emergency surgery and is currently recovering in stable condition, as confirmed by sources familiar with the situation.

Reports from the Hengaw Organization for Human Rights indicate that this is not an isolated incident, with at least two other Kurds losing their lives due to landmine explosions in the past month, while four others have suffered injuries. The ongoing presence of landmines in the area poses a persistent threat to the local population, leading to devastating consequences for those like Hermidoli who inadvertently come into contact with them.

The dangerous aftermath of past conflicts in the region highlights the urgent need for comprehensive mine clearance efforts and increased awareness of the risks posed by these hidden hazards. The toll on individuals and families affected by these incidents underscores the importance of continued support for victims and preventative measures to mitigate future tragedies.

Efforts to secure affected areas and provide assistance to those impacted by landmine explosions are crucial in preserving the safety and well-being of communities in Kurdistan Province. Collaborative initiatives between local authorities, humanitarian organizations, and international agencies can play a pivotal role in addressing the lingering threat of landmines and promoting a safer environment for all residents. As the road to recovery begins for Keyvan Hermidoli and others affected by similar incidents, the call for sustained action to prevent further casualties remains paramount in ensuring a future free from the shadow of landmine-related tragedies.