Investigate and Prosecute: Republican AGs To Expose U.S.-Based Hamas Organizations

A group representing Republican State Attorneys Generals is encouraging their colleagues to be on the legal front lines of combating U.S.-based organizations with ties to Hamas.

In a resolution adopted Friday and published Wednesday, the Republican Attorneys General Association (RAGA) called on State Attorneys Generals to use the legal tools at their disposal to investigate and, where applicable, prosecute organizations within their jurisdictions that provide aid or funding to Hamas or other organizations which deliver support to terrorists.

RAGA Chairman and Utah’s Attorney General Sean Reyes, said, “Last month’s senseless attack on Israeli civilians should not divide Americans but unite us in the common causes of love, compassion, and empathy,” 

“We need to root out the evil that is Hamas wherever it exists, at home or across the globe, and the nation’s Republican Attorney Generals are doing their part to hold terrorists and terrorist sympathizers accountable,” Reyes added.

The resolutions, condemning the attacks by Hamas on October 7, 2023, Reaffirming Support for the State of Israel, and Denouncing Anti-Semitic Attacks on College Campuses and Cities Across the Country, were adopted on November 10.

The resolution condemns the rise in anti-Semitic attacks on college campuses and cities and calls for increased protection for Jewish communities and for educational initiatives to combat antisemitism and encourage understanding and mutual respect, among other things.

Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall, the most recent former RAGA chairman, said, “We cannot stand silent at a time when one of our nation’s closest allies is reeling from an unprovoked terrorist attack that resulted in the losing of thousands of innocent lives.”

“My Republican Attorney General colleagues and I have turned our mourning into action and are investigating every antisemitic attack, potential domestic funding source of Hamas, and denouncing anti-Israel and anti-Jewish rhetoric being spewed by elected officials, college faculties and students,” Marshall concluded. 

RAGA also sent a letter to both the Republican and Democratic parties in the chambers of Congress, urging them to “immediately muster the resources and humanitarian assistance Israel requires to achieve victory over their enemies.”

The letter reads, “As we show financial and other support for Israel and negotiate the release of hostages, we are sympathetic to any innocent Palestinian men, women, and children in Gaza who are also suffering immensely by no fault of their own.”

“Despite the ongoing and exhaustive necessity of preparedness, Israel and the Jewish people show unwavering determination, resolve, and unity when facing their enemies, standing together to show the world that they will not be defeated,” the letter added. “As a democracy in the volatile Middle East, Israel’s fight for survival and peace is fundamental for the future security of that region. Their struggle inspires all who call themselves a friend of this small yet mighty country.”