Intruder Shot and Killed in Reed Springs Ruled Justified by Prosecutors

REED SPRINGS, Mo. – Following an investigation by the Greene County Sheriff’s Office, prosecutors have ruled the November shooting death of 33-year-old Michael A. Ruhde in Reed Springs as justified. The incident occurred when Ruhde allegedly violently invaded a man’s residence in a rural area before the homeowner opened fire, killing Ruhde. The shooter, who was not named in the report because he was not charged with a crime, was found to have acted in self-defense after giving Ruhde multiple warnings, according to prosecutor Dan Patterson.

The investigation was passed to nearby Greene County, where the Greene County Sheriff, Jim Arnott, clarified that there was no conflict of interest and that Stone County had requested their assistance. Reports noted that Ruhde, who was reportedly under the influence of methamphetamine, had shown erratic and violent behavior, prompting the homeowner to defend himself and his family.

Rudge’s wife, Nathalie Lazart, spoke to the News-Leader before the investigation concluded, stating that her husband was suffering from depression and anxiety. She mentioned that he did not have a phone and may have been seeking help before the fatal encounter. Lazart also emphasized that her husband would not simply walk into someone’s home, as they had three children together.

The prosecutor’s report concluded that the shooter reasonably believed force was necessary to protect himself and his family, ruling the shooting as justifiable. The evidence presented indicated that the homeowner had acted in self-defense against Ruhde, who was reportedly acting erratically and violently. More details about the incident can be found in the report provided by the Greene County Prosecutor’s Office.

In summary, the Greene County Prosecutor’s Office has ruled the shooting of Michael Ruhde as justified, following an investigation that concluded the homeowner acted in self-defense. The evidence indicated that Ruhde was under the influence of methamphetamine and was behaving erratically and violently, prompting the homeowner to defend his family.