India’s High Commissioner Urges Canada to Rebuild Reputation as Safe Destination for International Students after Exploitation Scandals

OTTAWA, Canada – The High Commissioner of India to Canada, Sanjay Kumar Verma, emphasized the need to rebuild Canada’s brand as a preferred destination for bright minds, highlighting the exploitation and tragic deaths of international students in the country. Verma expressed concern over the exploitation of Indian students in Canada, stating that this exploitation undermines the technological advancements both countries could achieve through collaboration.

Verma’s comments come amid increased scrutiny of Canada’s international student program, which has seen a significant rise in study permits in recent years. The federal government implemented a two-year cap on foreign student admissions in response to these concerns. With over one million international students in Canada last year, India remains the top source of these students.

The High Commissioner raised alarm over the presence of bogus schools in Canada that have deceived Indian families, leading to tragic consequences for some students. Verma mentioned cases of students dying after being exploited, although he did not specify the nature of these deaths.

He highlighted the significant sacrifices many students and their families make to study in Canada, noting financial burdens and the pressures placed on them to succeed. Verma urged for a more transparent portrayal of the challenges faced by Indian students in Canada, emphasizing the need for realistic expectations among parents.

In addition to financial struggles, some international students in Canada are working full-time to make ends meet, raising concerns about the impact on their academic success. Reports of student deaths, particularly due to drug overdoses, have further heightened the need for greater support and awareness among the international student community.

Verma encouraged Indian students to share their experiences on social media to educate others about the challenges they face. He emphasized the importance of showcasing how students overcome obstacles while studying in Canada. The outreach efforts aim to provide a more accurate portrayal of the student experience and help restore Canada’s reputation as a favorable destination for education.

As efforts continue to address the challenges faced by international students in Canada, Verma’s call for greater transparency and support underscores the need for collaboration and awareness in ensuring a positive experience for all students.