Indiana Woman Arrested in Connection with the Tragic Death of New Albany Man Known for His Generosity

NEW ALBANY, Ind. — Police have detained a 26-year-old woman from Clarksville in the homicide case of a 68-year-old man, discovered deceased in his home in New Albany on Tuesday evening. Emergency services were alerted to the potential danger to the woman’s own life prior to discovering the crime scene.

Indiana State Police disclosed that they responded to a distress call concerning Tirzah Catherine Linson, who appeared to be a potential suicide risk, near a shopping center in Jeffersonville. This call prompted investigative steps that led Jeffersonville Police to request a welfare check at a residence in New Albany. Upon arrival at the house located within the 800 block of East 11th Street around 8:15 p.m., officials found Gary D. Reid dead with signs of a severe head injury.

Neighborhood residents expressed shock and sadness, remembering Reid as a generous individual always ready to lend a helping hand or tool. “He was the type of person who would gladly help out with anything he could,” said Brandon Schneider, a neighbor.

Following the gruesome discovery, Linson was evaluated at Norton Clark Hospital before being transferred to the Floyd units’ custody. Authorities have yet to release Linson’s mugshot or clarify the nature of her relationship with Reid, though community members noted Reid’s propensity to assist those in need, often opening his home to individuals battling homelessness and substance use issues.

The police have not confirmed whether Reid was actively providing aid at the time of his death. Indiana State Police continue to investigate the precise details surrounding the incident, as neighbors recount Reid’s altruistic actions and lament the tragedy of his untimely demise.

An autopsy to determine the exact cause of Reid’s death is expected to be performed later in the week. Meanwhile, the community remains in mourning for a man described as deeply kind and compassionate, whose life was tragically cut short.