House Judiciary Committee Revealed That The Biden Campaign Behind Hunter Biden’s Russian Disinformation Story

On Thursday evening, the House Judiciary Committee revealed that the Biden campaign contacted Michael Morrell, a former CIA Deputy Director, to orchestrate an infamous letter of 51 intelligence officials claiming the New York Post’s Hunter Biden laptop story from October 2020 was Russian disinformation.

 In a closed-door session, Former CIA deputy director Michael Morell told the House Judiciary Committee that following negotiations with Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, who had served on the Biden campaign, he recruited a group of 50 former intelligence officials to sign the letter.

Republicans on the committee revealed the interview details in a letter to Blinken on Thursday. According to Republicans,  during the 2020 presidential election, American citizens were prevented from making a fully informed decision by the Biden campaign’s actions.

Morell stated that Blinken phoned him on October 17, 2020, to talk about the New York Post report revealing emails from the younger Biden’s abandoned laptop. According to the ex-spy, Blinken also emailed him an article in which the FBI examined whether the laptop was actually part of a “disinformation campaign.” Morell stated that Blinken’s approach “triggered” him to write a letter dismissing the release of the emails as a possible Russian misinformation campaign. He sent it to former CIA Director John Brennan and others for signatures. The letter was published on October 19 by Politico, advising that dozens of former intelligence officials claim that Hunter Biden’s story is Russian disinformation.

There is no indication that Russia was involved in the leak of Biden’s emails, which revealed details about his business contacts with China and his battles with alcohol and drug addiction. According to a computer shop owner, he sent the media copies of Biden’s laptop when he left it at his business in 2019.

Morell stated that there were two intents in regard to the letter about the disinformation. One intention was to share our concern with the American people about the Russians’ role in this issue, and the other was to assist Vice President Biden in winning the election.

When asked why he wanted to assist Biden, Morell simply stated that he wanted him to win the election. Morell was allegedly on Biden’s shortlist for CIA director and claimed the Biden campaign praised him for coordinating the letter. He said that on October 22, White House counselor Steve Ricchetti phoned him to praise him for the letter.

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