House Explosion in Ann Arbor Leaves One Injured, Firefighters Share New Information

Ann Arbor, Michigan – A house explosion in Ann Arbor on Monday morning resulted in one person being injured, according to firefighters. The incident occurred just after 6 a.m. at the corner of South 7th Street and Princeton Avenue, where a home was completely leveled and engulfed in flames from the explosion. Firefighters successfully prevented the fire from spreading to a neighboring house on the south side and were able to extinguish the fire within 20 minutes.

The individual who resided in the exploded house sustained non-life-threatening injuries and was transported to the hospital for treatment. According to officials from Ann Arbor, the explosion was caused by two 20 lb propane tanks used for heating, although the ignition source and the possibility of a fire prior to the explosion could not be determined due to the extensive damage. The investigation into the explosion has concluded, unless new developments surface.

The Ann Arbor Fire Department commended the relatively minor damage to surrounding buildings and the fact that only one person was injured despite the force of the blast. The department expressed astonishment at the outcome given the magnitude of the explosion.

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