Free Donuts and Resilience: The Queens Dirty Dozens Event Draws a Crowd Despite Previous Attacks

Tulsa, Oklahoma – The Donut Hole on Brookside drew a crowd as locals gathered for a free donut event, eagerly reconnecting with familiar faces after a series of troubling events at the shop.

Josie Lee Turrelle, from “The Queens Dirty Dozens,” expressed the shop’s commitment to the community, despite facing adversity in the past. The donut shop had previously hosted “The Queens Dirty Dozens” event in October 2022, which was unfortunately followed by two incidents of vandalism and theft.

Following the vandalism, Turrelle admitted feeling scared, especially after one incident involving a Molotov cocktail. However, there was a silver lining as the perpetrator, Coby Green, was sentenced to five years in prison for the hate crime. Meanwhile, fans like Johanna Merrill were heartened by the shop’s resilience and continued presence in the community.

“The Queens Dirty Dozens” made it clear that they are unfazed by the crime and are committed to staying in the neighborhood. Despite the challenges, the shop distributed over 700 fresh donuts as a gesture of gratitude for the community’s support in the aftermath of the damages.

The Donut Hole on Brookside is determined to show that they are here to stay, echoing the sentiment of resilience and strength in the face of adversity. The community’s unwavering support has been a key factor in their determination to continue serving the neighborhood.