Fort Worth Hotel Blast Victim Files Lawsuit Against Atmos Energy and Hotel Owners

FORT WORTH, Texas – The first lawsuit has been filed in connection with the explosion at a Fort Worth hotel on Monday. Atmos Energy, the gas company responsible for investigating the cause of the explosion, has completed safety checks and found no indication that their system was the cause. This suggests that the explosion was not caused by a gas leak.

Christopher Medearis, one of the 21 people injured in the blast, has filed the lawsuit. The lawsuit claims that while trying to escape the blast, Medearis “tripped, fell, and suffered personal bodily injury” as a result. The lawsuit names Atmos Energy, the Sandman Signature Fort Worth Hotel, and its parent company Northland Properties, whose CEO is Dallas Stars owner Tom Gaglardi.

The lawsuit alleges that the hotel failed to ensure safe conditions and that Atmos Energy failed to adequately detect and monitor natural gas leaks at the hotel. The investigation into the cause of the explosion is ongoing, and this lawsuit marks the first legal action taken in connection with the incident.

The explosion at the Fort Worth hotel has left many questions unanswered, with 21 people injured and multiple businesses and individuals affected. The lawsuit signifies the beginning of what is likely to be a lengthy legal process in determining who is liable for the explosion. As investigations continue, affected individuals and businesses are seeking answers and justice for the damages caused. The incident serves as a sobering reminder of the importance of ensuring safety and monitoring for potential hazards in public spaces.